Hot Wedding Cake Trends for 2016

Wedding Cake Trends of 2016

Wedding cake designs are one of those things that are truly unique to the couple. They are based on your personality, taste and of course, the overall theme you have for your wedding. Just about anything can inspire you for your wedding cake – from the ornate work on your wedding dress to the molding of your venue. Regardless if you are going with a traditional or modern theme, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest wedding cake trends for 2016. Who knows, maybe you will find inspiration in these trends (and then you can easily steal a few ideas for your own).


Metallic Accent Wedding Cake by Mode Bakehouse

Metallic is In

Metallic has always been incorporated into weddings, but usually in the form of stationary and accents. Today, more brides are opting to bring that shimmer to their cakes as well; giving them a stylized glam and Old Hollywood feel.

sheens can go with any wedding style. Like adding embroidery sprayed with gold edible paint to give your cake a fresh, modern look. Or, you can add a sleek, traditional twist by having just one tier fully engulfed in silver or gold fondant, while the rest in a classic white or even mint and coral accent.

If slathering an entire tier or entire cake in metallic is just too much for you, then ask your cake decorator to go with edible glitter. It can be sprinkled on to accent fine piping work or even sprayed over the entire surface of the cake so that it sparkles in the light.


White Ruffle Floral Cake by Confections in Cake

Ruffles Are In Style

The ruffle cakes started gaining popularity last year, and this year they are staying strong. Ruffles are elegant, playful and a great way to add some sugar embellishments without the cost of gum paste flowers. The style of ruffles will vary – depending on the style of your wedding. Use loose, flowing ruffles for those country chic weddings, but stick to tighter, rose-like ruffles for something more romantic and traditional.

You don’t have to go ruffle crazy over a four-tier cake either. You can ruffle up every other tier or even just the bottom tier to add some depth and dimension to your wedding cake.


Naked Cake with Fresh Flowers by Loft22 Cakes

Naked Cakes Steal The Show

Naked cakes have been high on the list of wedding cake trends and they are still part of the wedding cake trends for 2016. Naked cakes are just like they sound – everything exposed. It may not sound appealing, but when done right, a naked cake is fun, rustic and even elegant.

Naturally, the filling and cake flavor/recipe you choose will determine how beautiful your naked cake comes out. We suggest sticking to a basic sponge with buttercream filling. The buttercream and sponge can be colored to match your wedding colors and they tend to display nicer than cake layers full of crunchy edibles.


Textured Buttercream Floral Cake by Sugar Bee Sweets

White Cakes Radiate Elegance

White wedding cakes are classic, timeless and probably the most versatile style you can go with when it comes to your cake design. Do not confuse “classic” with boring here. White on white offers plenty of design opportunities – you just need to find the right decorator to pull it off.

Your decorator can do a few different things to make the white contrast and pop, like:

·       Dressing up tiers with white flowers.

·       Using white embellishments.

·       Adding in non-traditional shaped tiers, like ovals, heart or hexagons.

·       Dressing it up with live (or edible) white flowers.

·       Adding edible sparkle with white glitter dust.

·       Adding dimension by using buttercream instead of fondant.


Hand Painted Cake by Cakewalk Bake Shop

Edible Canvas Cakes Rock!

Painted wedding cakes are a trend that is gaining momentum fast for 2016. These literally take the term “edible work of art” and make it a scrumptious reality.

It starts with a cake decorated in fondant, then the cake decorator paints the surface (using edible paint of course).

The result is breathtaking (and delicious). There is no limit with these types of cakes either. Your cake artist can do everything from a water color-inspired creation to stained glass and even mimic your favorite artist’s work.

These types of cakes can easily become too busy. So, you’ll want to be cautious. Keep the focus on the design rather than the towering edible canvas in front of you by having tiers simple and all the same shape. Avoid odd-shapes with canvas cakes; instead, go with a classic square or round.


Chevron Wedding Cake by Milly's Sweet Creations

Chevron: Hello Pinterest!

Have you been on Pinterest lately? If you have, you may have noticed that everything from clothing to home décor has somehow ended up with chevron print. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the more popular wedding cake trends for 2016 includes chevron.

You have to be careful with geometrics. They can either make your cake too modern (which easily classes with a traditional wedding them) or too teenage girlish. Class it up by using white to contrast whatever accent color you choose. For example, a white fondant background on a circle three-tier wedding cake can feature a middle tier with mint chevron print and the rest of the cake accented with coral flowers.


Stripes and Flowers Wedding Cake by Honey Love Cakery

My Fav? Stripes and Flowers

One of the most popular design trends happening on and off cakes is the combination of stripes and flowers. Whether the stripes are black for a more bold look or gold for a more elegant feel, this trend is timeless. Channel your inner Betsey Johnson with this glamours trend! Plus, you can choose from fresh flowers, paper flowers, and sugar flowers to fit your budget.

This cake design works best with bright and fun flowers. But, we highly suggest working with a baker that allows you to match your floral decorations with your bouquet for an all around cohesive wedding design. Regardless of what you choose, you can't really go wrong with stripes!

Purple Ombre Cake by The Cake Guys

Ombre is Here to Stay

These days just about everything is ombre. From hair color to clothing – and of course, wedding cakes. To master the art of an ombre wedding cake, you need a decorator that truly understands color.

Ombre cakes are definitely a combination of glamor and whimsical, but they can also be extremely elegant. You can have everything from plain fondant drawn up with a saturated hue of the same color to edible sugar flowers that flow up a cake and lighten along the color spectrum.

Our personal preference for this trend involves combining texture with ombre icing. This creates an exciting visual element to any wedding and can really class up colors that might seem too bright for a typical wedding.


Chalkboard Wedding Cake by Creative Cakes By Monica

Chalkboard Cakes Say It All

Chalkboard cakes are fun, trendy and can be extremely romantic. You can have the entire cake made with the chalkboard effect (which is created using black fondant) or you can have just one tier feature a chalkboard finish. The fun part? Having your decorator add a message using a white, edible paint.

The best part about this trend is that it can match the dozens of chalkboards that you have as decorations around your wedding. Try asking your baker for a fun illustration, a catchy quote, or song lyrics that best describe your wedding day. No matter what is on the cake, it will always look classy and a bit rustic.


Macaron Tower by JOY Macarons

Macaron Towers Are Fun

Instead of cakes, plenty of couples are opting for edible towers of treats – more specifically, macaron towers. These can be created using a variety of colors and often implement the ombre style as well. While macarons have been the wedding cookie of choice, only the past few years have we seen them emerge as a wedding cake replacement.

Not a macaron fan? Try something unique that fits your relationship! Whether you both love waking up early every weekend for donuts or waffles, you can pretty much make anything into a "wedding cake". Don't feel afraid to try something new...unless you are in love with sardines. Keep that love to yourself. 

Marbled Fondant Wedding Cake by Celebrity Cafe & Bakery

Marbled Fondant Is Classy

Marbled is not just a term to describe your cake layer’s insides anymore. In fact, more brides and grooms are opting for marbled fondant layers. Usually these are introduced as a middle accent tier, while the rest of the tiers remain in classic colors and style. Using subtle patterns that come naturally from marbled fondant you can create a contrast in color that is breathtaking.

If you are feeling really modern, try mixing a marbled cake with copper accents. This is a really popular trend for interior design this year. This bright and exciting accent can help cut down floral costs. Less will really does mean more with this trend!


Wedding cake trends for 2016 are certainly exciting. Whether you are looking for that classic, elegant wedding cake or you are ready to dive into the latest cake fad, you’ll certainly find inspiration just following the trends. A good wedding cake decorator will be able to help you incorporate today’s trends into your style and they may even offer suggestions to help create a trend that is unique to your wedding. Just remember, while it is cake, it is still an integral part of your wedding décor and design. So, take your time and have fun choosing your edible work of art.