Why Create a Wedding Website?

Wedding Websites

Wedding Websites

A wedding event is an unforgettable lifetime event and the most important day to the groom and bride. One way to make it even more memorable is by creating a “Wedding Website”. This trend has become extremely popular over the past few years and we love it! Personal Wedding Websites are websites that engage wedding guests with the couple that's soon to be married.

In earlier years, getting married meant sending out invitations, possibly posting an article in the local paper, and privately preparing for the big day. But in today's society, weddings are widely publicized and cost more than ever. Couples are now expected to have engagement photoshoots, engagement parties, bridal showers, and the occasional social media update along the way. This is why wedding websites can make your life easier and act as a miniature wedding planner, though we'd still suggest hiring a professional.

What is a Wedding Website?

A wedding website is an online platform where the bride and groom share updates digitally to their guests. The go-to wedding website creator, The Knot, has created an easy to use platform to keep all wedding information in one spot for anyone to access. 

So Why Create a Wedding Website?

A wedding website can have many advantages:

1.     For easier communication

Wedding websites usually include all information that would be listed on wedding invitations, plus the option to add in your personal story, an RSVP option, and pictures from the millions of photoshoots that you've had. They are a great resource to add to your invitations to give updates to the people you're planning on spending the most important day of your life with. 

  With a wedding website, your guests have the option to:

·      Choose their preferred type of meal

·      RSVP for their group online

·      View the bridal party list

·      View the surrounding attractions in the area

·      Choose available hotel accommodations

·       View engagement photos and couple biographies

Including these options allows you to stay in touch with friends and family members as you continue planning your wedding day. Additionally, your friends and family that can't make it to your wedding will have access to the pictures taken that day. 

2.     Provides Directions

Personal wedding websites provide more information on where exactly the wedding will take place and directions on how to get there. If your wedding will be held at multiple locations, a full event schedule from morning to evening can be posted for your guests. With this information readily available on your website, guests won't have to bother you if they accidentally get lost. Plus, if you have people coming in from out of town, you can add local hotel accommodation information to save everyone time. It wouldn't hurt to add a bar or two onto the list for those few that want to continue the celebrations after your reception is over.

3.     Organization & Wedding Management

Weddings are supposed to be about your love, but it's hard not to focus on trying to make everything perfect in the meantime. When it comes to organization and vendor management, it's easy to get mixed up on who needs to be paid and who needs to be followed up with. Something as simple to prepare as a guests list becomes a very tedious task if you are planning to keep everything in some cute book you bought at Barnes and Noble. All of these issues can be pushed aside by setting up your guest list and seating chart online through The Knot. Now you won't have to grab your eraser every time someone messages you that they can't sit next to the person that they just became enemies with. Seriously, this happens so be prepared. Plus, if you are planning on setting out table numbers or place cards, the people helping you set up will be given a better idea of what you're envisioning. 

4.     Easy Changes

Sometimes even the most well-planned weddings may end up running into bumps in the road from unexpected events of miscommunication, misunderstanding or natural calamities. Planning is the primary key to enable you throw a successful wedding. Despite putting in your best efforts, certain unwanted events like the ones mentioned above may be unavoidable, which is why you want to stay in touch with your guests in every way possible.

Make sure you post alternative plans for if it rains on your outside wedding, or any additional information that will help make your guests feel at ease with the day. Switch from an indoor reception to an outdoor reception? Preparing your guests beforehand will ensure that dress codes and other needs are adjusted. For example, if it's windier than you'd like to admit on your wedding day, provide some blankets for people to grab if your wedding has a more rustic feel. Getting pictures of the people you love huddled up can actually make for the perfect photo opportunity.

5.     Cheap and Easy

If hiring an awesome wedding planner isn't in your budget, wedding websites can help ease your stress. (Seriously though, hire a day-of coordinator and thank us later). The Knot created an awesome alternative to carrying a book around with all of your wedding details. This awesome wedding website host is completely free, plus it gives you access to tons of vendors that you might not know about. They literally have resources listed for every step of the way. 

6.     Additional Features That Make You Feel Good

On any wedding website, adding the option for people to RSVP online enables you to save on wedding stamps and cards hence further saving the environment and money. There is also an option to include your wedding registry digitally. On The Knot, they donate to a charity of your choice every time a gift is purchased off your registry. How awesome is that?

So by now, you should be pumped up about creating the website that you can look back on and cry about how beautiful your wedding was. Post videos and pictures after the big day to relive the best day of your life over and over. There are other options for a more professional site, such as Squarespace, that we honestly prefer to use for the unlimited customization available. So if you're ready to show your love for your soon-to-be spouse and devotion to technology, start planning online!

*We are in no way affiliated with The Knot or Squarespace, we just love their brands & products.*